2021 International Conference on Computer Engineering and Innovative Application of VR (ICCEIA-VR 2021)
Prof. Shi'an Wang


Wang Shi'an, professor, is currently the Secretary and Dean of the Party Branch of the College of Information Engineering, Guangzhou Institute of Technology. He is also the Vice Chairman of Technical Committee on Simulation Education Technology, China Association for Educational Technology and Director of Expert Committee of Guangdong MR mixed Reality Education Technology Innovation Alliance. He is mainly engaged in computer simulation technology, VR technology, augmented reality technology, mixed reality technology research and teaching, vocational education research and practice. He has published more than 20 papers in public publications at home and abroad and compiled several textbooks, presided over the regular institutions of higher learning in Guangdong province provincial major scientific research project "the simulation platform based on VR/AR generic technology research and application", in Guangdong province science and technology plan projects "VR virtual simulation practice teaching experience and VR design competition", Guangzhou science and technology plan projects (scientific research project) based on VR/AR application platform "key technology research", the Guangzhou bureau of education in colleges and universities scientific research project (scientific research innovation team project) "intelligent disassembling simulation based on VR key technology research" in 2019, Guangzhou university innovation entrepreneurship education project (key platform) "VR/AR industry oriented college students' innovative entrepreneurial talent hatch platform" and other provincial and municipal science and technology planning projects and special financial projects, accumulated funds of more than 16 million yuan. He led his team to develop a number of VR and AR products, and won many national awards, and many of his software have acquired copyright registration certificates. He has been in charge of the research and development of multiple simulation systems for a certain type of aircraft approved by the former Aviation Group Of China, and has achieved a number of practical and innovative results.